Y4Life College Life Team brochure – Download PDF

Looking for ways to get involved with Y4Life as a college student? This is the resource for you! The Y4Life College Life Team brochure has all the information you need to start and maintain an active Y4Life Team on your college campus. The brochure also has resources you can use to discover more ways to be 4 Life as an individual or part of a Y4Life Team.

Y4Life High School Life Team brochure – Download PDF

Are you in high school and interested in upholding LIFE? Then this resource is for you! The Y4Life High School Life Team brochure has four steps you can use to get involved in life affirming activities in your school, church, and community. The brochure also describes how to start a Y4Life team, contains information about Y4Life events, and opportunities to connect with Y4Life.

Healthy Teams Qualifications brochure – Download PDF

There are lots of ways to measure the strength of a team, but these nine aspects of a healthy Y4Life team to help you make a greater impact 4 LIFE! Keep this resource handy as you plan your Y4Life Team events on campus and take it with you as you move into other life-affirming groups after college. (Did you know we have local Lutherans For Life teams and chapters across the U.S.?) Contact michelle@y4life.org for more information.

Y4Life Team Grants

Once per academic year, a Y4Life Team may apply for a grant of $100 from Y4Life to be used for a specific life-affirming activity. Download and fill out the grant application here and email to cori@y4life.org upon completion.

Y4Life Kits

Lesson Plans 4 Life

Service 4 Life – coming soon!

40 Days for Life Liturgy – Single Page Print (PDF)

40 Days for Life Liturgy – Booklet (PDF)