35 Thought-Provoking Book Recommendations – Y4Life Infographic (PDF)

Ready to start creating your summer reading list? Check out this resource! Whether you’re a lover of fiction or non-fiction, these books will not only help you sharpen your Christian perspective but also better equip you to recognize life issues and respond to them courageously from a life-affirming, Gospel-motivated perspective.

Charitable ConversationY4Life Infographic (PDF)

Having conversations with those who don’t agree with our 4 LIFE stance can be intimidating. We want every person to see the value of human life, even if that person seems uninterested in hearing about it. In “Charitable Conversations,” we explore eight tips for redirecting hostile discussions you engage in with those who don’t share your life-affirming beliefs.

Human Trafficking – Y4Life Infographic Poster (PDF)

Each year millions of children, men, and women are involuntarily sold into forced labor or commercial sex jobs. Human trafficking, also referred to as modern slavery, is happening in small communities as well as large cities across the United States; its victims come from every race, gender, and age. Download this poster to learn and share the facts of human trafficking, as well as how to spot potential trafficking and get help for those being trafficked. If you’re printing these to hang around your church or school, you will need to print on size 8.5″ x 14″ paper.

A Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and LifeDownload PDF

“A Lutheran Catechism on Abortion and Life,” by David A. Kaufmann, Ph.D., F.A.C.S.M., offers a question and answer primer on abortion and life in a format similar to Luther’s Small Catechism. This booklet has unlimited educational use!

Teaching For Life

Downloadable and FREE, Teaching For Life is a unique, Gospel-centered, curriculum supplement designed to help Lutheran school teachers apply God’s word to life issues! Designed for pre-school through eighth grade teachers, this supplement teaches nine truths about life and provides age-appropriate ideas for integrating these truths into each content area.

How Luther Nailed It On Life IssuesDownload PDF

Life issues didn’t arise overnight. Their frequent connection to medical technology can make them seem like recent developments, and advances in understanding physiology and pharmaceuticals have made abortion and euthanasia more efficient and available of late. But these circumstances have been causing society’s difficulties – and providing opportunities to proclaim the Gospel – since ancient times. Even Martin Luther applied his voice to life issues! Luther promoted marriage, encouraged childbearing, and praised parenting. He concluded even unborn babies qualified as full-fledged human beings.