High School and College Y4Life Teams

Are you passionate about being pro-life and interested in starting a student life ministry at your high school or college campus? Y4Life can help! We provide informative presentations about how 4 Life ministry works and why it’s important to share the Y4Life message in your school and community. Y4Life Teams receive ongoing mentorship, resources, and other support for students and faculty who are working to share the 4 Life message with their campuses and communities. Contact Michelle Bauman michelle@y4life.org to set up your presentation and build your Y4Life Team today!

Y4Life Lessons

Designed for the high school classroom, these engaging presentations address life issues that are related to various subjects and curriculums. Most often given in English, biology, and theology classrooms, these lessons engage students in a variety of ways and help them make connections between faith and life. For more information on topics or to request a custom-made presentation, contact Michelle Bauman at michelle@y4life.org.

Y4Life Apologetics

Designed for in-person weekend retreats or online gatherings of high school and college youth, the Y4Life Apologetics course takes youth through eight sessions that discuss theological truths and helps them apply those truths to life issues and arguments. Through modeling and practice, youth gain experience in how to uphold life using Gospel-motivated Biblical, logical, and philosophical approaches as well as how to have charitable conversations rather than participate in aggressive arguments. For more details or to schedule an event, contact Director of Y4Life, Michelle Bauman at michelle@y4life.org.

Y4Life Retreats and Conferences

Are you looking for a weekend retreat or one-day event that focuses on LIFE? We can help you put that together! Y4Life retreats and conferences bring the topics and education to YOU. We work with host congregations and schools to provide educational opportunities for your youth that are built around your needs, interests, and location. Contact michelle@y4life.org for more information!

Owen’s Mission

Owen’s Mission is a special project of Lutherans For Life and Y4Life. The goal of Owen’s Mission? Present a set of Touch of Life fetal models to every Lutheran elementary and high school in the country. We want students to understand the God-given value of each life from the moment of conception, and to value themselves and others as created, redeemed, and called persons. Ready to set up a presentation for your Lutheran school? Contact mbauman@lutheransforlife.org for more information!