Chats 4 Life

Are you interested in discussing contemporary Life issues with other high school and college-aged youth? Would you like to learn how to address those issues from a Gospel-motivated perspective? If so, Chats 4 Life is for you! Chats 4 Life offers young adults opportunities to connect via Zoom with other 4Life youth from across the nation. During these sessions on the first and third Thursdays of each month, youth are invited to network, ask questions, and engage in discussion about contemporary LIFE issues. Guided by Y4Life Director, Michelle Bauman, this experience gives youth opportunities for real-time answers to Life ministry questions. Watch our Instagram page for the next Chats 4 Life opportunity and contact for the latest meeting code and password!  Sign up for the Chats 4 Life email list here.

What about . . . Mondays?

Do you have a burning question or real-life situation that involves a life issue? Do you need advice as to how to speak from a Gospel-motivated perspective in an angry, anti-life world? If so, then What about . . . Mondays? is for you! Every second Monday of the month, students gather together on Zoom to talk about life issues they’d like to address. Based on youth questions and interests, Y4Life staff help youth find a 4 Life answer to the problems the world tries to solve with death. Through practice and conversation, youth learn to address life issues from a Gospel-motivated perspective and share that perspective and hope with others. Contact for more information!  Sign up for the What About…Mondays? email list here.

Youth4Life Podcast

The Youth4Life Podcast features audio recordings of Chats 4 Life Zoom presentations. Each episode, hosted by Y4Life Director Michelle Bauman, focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth (and adults!) to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 LIFE.