The Youth4Life Podcast features audio recordings of Chats 4 Life Zoom presentations. Each episode, hosted by Y4Life Director Michelle Bauman, focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth (and adults!) to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 LIFE.

On the Ground: What are Y4Life Teams Up To?

The Truth About Overpopulation

Creation vs. Evolution

The Truth About Pornography


Human Trafficking


All About Marriage

Response to Racial Tensions

Gender Dysphoria and Same-sex Attraction Part 2:

Gender Dysphoria and Same-sex Attraction Part 1:

Vaccines: Development and Ethics:

Marriage, Family, and Contraception:

Diagnoses of Disability:

History of Abortion in America:

What Happens in an Abortion:

Responding to Abortion with Empathy: