The Youth4Life Podcast features audio recordings of Chats 4 Life Zoom presentations. Each episode, hosted by Y4Life Director Michelle Bauman, focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth (and adults!) to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 LIFE.


Recent Episodes:

Pastor Tim Eckert, pastor at Word of God Deaf Lutheran Church in Iowa District East, joins us on the podcast this week to talk about Christianity and politics. He gives us three points for addressing politics from a Christian perspective: stay more focused on God’s Word and less on politics, start thinking about issues in terms of what God says, not what the world says, and that your faith should influence your politics, but your politics shouldn’t impact your faith. His presentation will start by looking at the big picture of the relationship between church and state and then move into what individuals can do in their relationship with the government. 

Michelle Bauman, director of Y4Life, gives us the tools we need to have conversations with those who may not share our life-affirming beliefs. She will help us to see how we can engage in conversations with others about life and how those conversations can be of benefit for us and for those we are interacting with.

Abigail Lorenzen, the Education Coordinator at Northeast Indiana Right to Life, joins us to teach us about Abortion Apologetics in a Post-Roe World. She gives us a brief embryology lesson, statistics behind abortion and how it connects to other health issues, and tips for having conversations with those who are pro-choice. You can find Abigail’s presentation here.


Full Catalogue of Episodes: