The Youth4Life Podcast features audio recordings of Chats 4 Life Zoom presentations. Each episode, hosted by Y4Life Director Michelle Bauman, focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth (and adults!) to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 LIFE.

Recent Episodes:

Being for life can be risky, and that risk sometimes comes with very real consequences. Just ask Melanie Standiford, a for-life Christian who lost her job because of her for-life views. Was it worth it? Join us this week to hear Melanie’s story and find out how you can prepare for and stand with hope in the face of persecution. Be reminded of why you are called to be a Gospel-motivated voice for life!

Aimee Cima joins us all the way from Cambodia! She and her family have been serving in southeast Asia for more than 15 years where they are actively involved in upholding the lives of those they serve.  Aimee will show us what life and mercy work looks like in Cambodia and Asia as a whole.

India is a land of more than a 1.5 billion people and 333 million gods. Its people speak 1,652 different languages and endure caste discrimination. The vast majority of Indians are Hindu or Muslim; only 2% of the population is Christian. Yet Christians make a visible impact on society through their approach to life issues – an approach that depicts the Gospel truth that every life is valuable because every human was made and redeemed by God. Interested in finding out how this takes place? Join us to learn how one pastor, Rev. Benerjee Duggi, cares for both body and soul as he upholds life.

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