The Youth4Life Podcast features audio recordings of Chats 4 Life Zoom presentations. Each episode, hosted by Y4Life Director Michelle Bauman, focuses on a single life topic and provides facts, discussion starters, and opportunities for youth (and adults!) to become Gospel-motivated voices 4 LIFE.

Addressing Suffering 4 Life

Worldviews That Affect Life

Addressing Depression with Hope

Volunteering 4 Life Overseas!

Abortion Recovery

Godly Womanhood

The Truth About Sex

Identity 4 LIFE

The Armor of God

Ancient Philosopher for LIFE?

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Mission Work for LIFE in Latin America


Life After High School

Life After College

Living the Value of Life

Suicide Awareness

Living with Down Syndrome: The Joy of a Life Indispensable

Healthy Dating

Addressing Gender Brokenness

Engaging with the Elderly

Child Abuse

Sidewalk Counseling


Embryo Adoption

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights

A Christian View of Capital Punishment

Beginning of Life Bioethical Issues

On the Ground: What are Y4Life Teams Up To?

International Adoption

The Truth About Overpopulation

Creation vs. Evolution

The Truth About Pornography


Human Trafficking


All About Marriage

Response to Racial Tensions

Gender Dysphoria and Same-sex Attraction Part 2:

Gender Dysphoria and Same-sex Attraction Part 1:

Vaccines: Development and Ethics:

Marriage, Family, and Contraception:

Diagnoses of Disability:

History of Abortion in America:

What Happens in an Abortion:

Responding to Abortion with Empathy: