Why should we be 4 Life?

Our God is the God of Life. In His Word, we learn that God loves all humans; in fact, He loved humankind so much that He sent His Son to die for all human life. This makes all human life important, valuable, and meaningful. Y4Life seeks to equip high school and college-aged youth to be Gospel-motivated voices 4 Life. Through service, celebration, worship, and education, youth are encouraged to engage in life-affirming activities and become Leaders 4Life in their schools, communities, nation, and world!

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Our Programs

Y4L Teams

Are you interested in starting student life ministry at your high school or college campus? Y4Life Teams (high school and college) receive ongoing mentorship, resources, and other support for students and faculty who are working to share the 4Life message with their campuses and communities.

Y4L Lessons

Designed for the high school classroom, these engaging presentations address life issues that are related to various subjects and curriculums. Most often given in English, biology, and theology classrooms, these lessons engage students in a variety of ways and help them make connections between faith and life.

Life Ministry Training

Our Life Ministry Training is designed to help future church workers learn the importance of life ministry and give them ways to address life issues, not only while they are still students but also in their future occupations. These sessions are taught in college classrooms and supplement goals for mission and ministry on Lutheran colleges and university campuses.

All human life is important, valuable, and meaningful.