Creation vs. EvolutionY4Life Infographic (PDF)

How did the world come to be? This “Creation vs. Evolution” infographic explores the Creation account found in Genesis and contrasts it with The Big Bang Theory of Evolution. It also dives into the value of human life from each perspective and addresses the debate of whether mankind is naturally good or evil.

Biblical Biology – Download PDF

No, the Bible is not a biology textbook. It is God’s revelation of Himself in Jesus Christ and the story of our salvation by grace and through faith in Him. God, however, does know about biology. He created it, including procreative biology. After the creation of Adam and Eve, God laid aside the “dirt and rib” method and established a biological process for new life. He gave the context for this process, the one-flesh union of man and woman in marriage. But that does not mean He has removed His creative hand from conception and development in the womb.