Real Love Real LifeDownload PDF

We think about it. We want it. We wonder when we’ll find it. We wonder IF we’ll find it. Sometimes we see it work wonderfully…and sometimes we see it fall apart. And when it does fall apart, it hurts. Relationships break; hearts break; people break. Is love really all it’s cracked up to be? The simple answer is, YES! God desires to give His people love, and one of the ways He provides the blessing of love is through marriage. But how do we know when we’ve found real love? How do we show real love to our spouse? How do we love as God intended? First, we need to know what real love looks like, what it is and what it isn’t. We need to know how to spot it, how to grow it, and how to give it. Interested in learning more about REAL LOVE? Read on, young lover!

The Dangerous Effects of Pornography – Y4Life Infographic (PDF)

Pornography use in our world today is at crisis levels- 70% of men and 73% of women have admitted to viewing pornography in the last month. This infographic brochure shares stats on the dangerous effects of pornography, along with God’s message of hope and suggestions for what to do when tempted.

Cohabitation: Is It Really That Big of a Deal?Y4Life Infographic (PDF)

Many people believe that cohabitation offers a chance to get to know a potential spouse better before making a marriage commitment, and that belief is so convincing that 70% of couples end up cohabitating. Even Christians have caught on to this trend: between 63% and 75% of Christian couples live together before marriage. This infographic addresses the life issue of cohabitation and how you can respond to it from a 4 Life perspective.

Joseph and His Rib – Download PDFDownload Spanish PDF

“When a man remembers the Word of the Lord, he is equipped to protect vulnerable and fragile lives.” Linda Bartlett gives us insight into the importance of Joseph in the story of redemption, along with the value of faithful fathers and husbands.

Why Not Just Live Together?Download PDFDownload Spanish PDF

Linda Bartlett provides guidance in response to popular statements such as “I won’t know if it feels right until we try living together first.”

Christian Life for Christian WomenDownload PDF

A Christian woman who would like to know the position and purpose of her place in life should start at the beginning … the very beginning! A lady’s place in God’s creation was set for her. Her life was designed with significance, purpose, and love for the good of all creation!

Biblical ManhoodDownload PDF

Understanding the unique way in which we were created doesn’t make us fully men. Getting married and having a family doesn’t make us a man. Success in our businesses, achieving great wealth and power, receiving honor and praise by our peers—these are not the measure of real masculinity, biblical manhood. To be truly a man, biblically, we must commit ourselves with the will and the strength that only God can give us—to the pursuit of godliness. This is biblical manhood. By Dr. Francis Monseth.

The Real “Comprehensive” Behind Comprehensive Sex EdDownload PDF

“At the core of the biblical mindset on sex, we find the true source of nourishment from which all behaviors derive: God’s value of every human life. This value is what captivates and empowers the way we approach human sexuality ourselves and how we teach it to others. When we comprehend the immeasurable love of God for us, His most priceless possessions, it changes a person’s very sense of self and worth … “So, what is the real “comprehensive” behind comprehensive sex ed? That you matter. You’ve always mattered. And Jesus is the proof.”