A 4Life View of Anxiety – Y4Life Infographic (PDF)

As Christians, we recognize that anxiety can be normal; in fact, according to Scripture, our Savior and many other saints faced anxiety to some degree. Yet, anxiety can also have a spiritual component. We may be anxious about our daily needs because we’ve forgotten that God has promised to provide for them (Matthew 6:25-34). When we fear evil and worry about our safety, we forget that God has promised never to abandon us (Psalm 23:4). Anxiety can happen when we trust worldly explanations over God’s promises (Genesis 18:13-14). This infographic explores the topic of anxiety and what we can do when we experience it.

Speaking of the Inconceivable – A Closer Look at Suicide’s StigmaDownload PDF

Author Rev. Peter Preus writes, in this very personal reflection, “When my wife took her life, I wasn’t as straightforward as I might be. I’d rather say something about her depression than mention that disturbing word that starts with an ‘s.’ I was affected in a major way by suicide’s stigma. Most people regard suicide as inconceivable. ‘How could he do such a thing?’ they ask. The stigma of suicide does not operate by a sense of understanding or compassion. Rather it targets those who have committed suicide and those who have had thoughts of suicide.”