I normally don’t share other blog posts on the Y4Life Blog, but I saw this one from the Bound 4 Life blog this morning and had to pass it along to all of you.

Actually, you CAN legislate morality. By Stacie Kuhns

In this article, Stacie acurately points out that all legislation is based on someone’s morality and that a culture’s morals can change quickly, as we are seeing now. When a society’s moral culture determines that something is right or wrong, they make laws that reflect that belief. In turn, when laws are made, they can start to change the morals surround that issue, as well.

And yet, those of us who are For Life are told constantly that we cannot legislate our morality, that we cannot force our beliefs on others. 

My question is why is it ok to legislate on the morality that abortion is permissible but wrong to legislate of the morality that abortion is wrong? Both are moral beliefs.

Stacie answers this question perfectly:

In a world of culturally defined morality, there is no truth. There is a truth that stands before and beyond any man’s philosophy or reasoning. We can legislate morality, and if we legislate according to the judgements of the Lord, the people of the world will learn righteousness.

Not only can we legislate morality, we should.

Once this question is answered, we are left with a deeper one, I think: What kind of morality do we want to define our society? A morality of Life, base of the Truth of Jesus Christ, or a morality of death?

What are your thoughts? How do you respond to the morality argument? Let us know in the comments below!