We were so excited to have Kailey join our team this summer as the 2017 Y4Life Summer Intern. Read on to learn more about Kailey!

Name: Kailey Richard
Hometown: Garden City, Iowa
School: Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa
Major: Education
Activities/Hobbies: Music, team sports/games, writing, cheer/dance, traveling, watching movies, running/exercising

What are your passions or interests?

My passions include traveling and meeting new people, giving back to the community, empowering or helping others learn about themselves and find their passions, always seeking deeper knowledge, and investing in more relationships with others.

Why are you For Life?

God affirms the value of every human life, from children in the womb to the elderly. We reflect an eternal God and Savior Who knew us from before we were made, and purposely called us into being. I firmly believe that human life is sacred.

What motivated you to get involved with Y4Life?

I love the idea of having the opportunity to communicate with people and having the chance to potentially work through God’s will. I love being able to talk and connect with so many types of people and having the chance to spread the word about something that I absolutely stand for, something I really believe in. I am interested in the idea of connecting with youth and really getting to know young people. Because I am going into a teaching profession soon, I think this would be very beneficial to really use this experience again to connect with the youth. I want the chance to speak from my heart and follow this plan I believe God is driving me towards. I know that there are so many people out there hurting or lost, and I realize that it is our goal to lean them towards Christ through grace and faith. After growing up in an LFL-supportive household and learning myself why I so strongly support LFL, I have really come to know what life in Christ looks like.

What are you most excited about this summer?

I am most excited about talking to so many different people and starting something so positive in sharing life with these many different areas. I love traveling and exploring all of God’s beautiful creation and being exposed to so many new opportunities.

I am completely optimistic about whatever is to come because I have that faith in God’s ultimate plan through the process!

Please keep Kailey and her ministry in your prayers. Any questions and words of welcome and encouragement can be sent to ldavis@lutheransforlife.org.