One of the events that our life group Bulldogs for Life makes a point to participate in every semester is 40 Days for Life. 40 Days for Life is an organization that puts together 40-day prayer vigils in front of abortion facilities across the country to pray for an end to abortion. Our group usually prays once or twice a week in front of Planned Parenthood in Lincoln, Nebraska.

One of the great things about 40 Days for Life is that it is something our group can participate in every year, so it provides a consistent way for us to stay involved in the pro-life movement. We do, of course, pray that this would no longer be the case—that the abortion facilities near us would close down so that there is no longer a need for us to involve ourselves in these prayer vigils. However, until that glorious day, we will continue to pray for an end to this atrocity. 

A few of our club officers from past years helped to make a liturgy that we follow in which we chant Psalms, pray written prayers, sing hymns, read Scripture, and pray silently. This provides a way for our group to be peaceful Christian witnesses. 

40 Days for Life is a great way for pro-life groups or any individuals to get involved in the movement and to pray for an end to abortion. If you or your group would like to utilize the liturgy that we use, you can find it here.