Earlier this month, I went and visited my sister, Sarah, in Wisconsin for my birthday. Since I moved to Missouri, it has been wonderful to be within driving distance of her, my brother-in-law, and my adorable 19-month old niece, Christina. While I was there, I brought my sister some fetal models for her to use in her classroom. Sarah is a first grade teacher at a Lutheran school and has just begun using the Teaching For Life curriculum with her students.

After I had left, Sarah decided to try something with the fetal models. She wondered what would happen if she were to give one of them to my niece, Christina. She held out one of the models and asked, “What is this, Christina?” My niece looked at it for a second, pondering. Then she got a big smile and said, with confidence, “Baby!”

After that, Sarah said that Christina took the baby and started playing with it, hugging, rocking, and kissing it just like she does with her other baby dolls.

Christina may just be a baby herself, but even she recognizes Life when she sees it. Even at the young age of 19-months, she is not fooled. If it looks like a baby, then it is a baby. There was no doubt or debate for her. It didn’t matter if it was very small or if it didn’t quite look like us yet. Christina knew what is was and treated it just like she would any other baby.

I was truly touched my my niece’s response and wanted to share it with you. Her response showed me that it is never too early to teach our children to recongnize and respect Life. I know that Christina will grow up knowing that Jesus loves all of His children, no matter how young or old they are or how small they are. She may not understand what abortion is or that babies are under attack in our world, but she knows that the small thing she is holding in her hand is a baby. She also knows that the only appropriate thing to do with a baby is to show it love, with hugs and kisses and smiles. If only everyone viewed the world with this simple and beautiful perspective, and acted according to it. What a wonderful world that would be.